Experience the adventure to another world.

If you are diving with compressed air, you are transported to another world, discover unspoiled reefs and countless colorful fish, or explore mysterious shipwrecks. Dive in the oasis of peace and tranquility! Be guided by the power of adventure!

Diving courses are given every day, at a high professional level yet in a relaxed manner.

The mainpriority of IDD is thatthe safety of the divers is guaranteed. Therefore all IDD dive courses operate according to the modular principle meaning that the teaching material is treated in stages. This allows everyone to take the matter into his own pace.

With the introduction dives which are organized by IDD Take the Challenge "Go Diving" is a card given to persons who have made ​​an introductory dive. On the back of this card is the date and the name of this person.  You now have proof that you have made​​an introductory dive.

Come to one of the affiliated "Take the Challenge" diving schools and try an introductory dive and give yourself the opportunity to float underwater.

I will see you underwater: "Let’s Go Diving"


½ Day


from 10 years.


  • Introduction Dive ( Sea )
Naf 120,- $  70,-
  • Introduction Dive ( Swimmingpool )
Naf    75,- $  45,-
Prices include 9% taks