Instructor Dive Development, or IDD as we are called in short, is a global, professional diving organization which was founded in 1992 in Europe. The head office of the organization is in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

One of the most beautiful aspects of diving is that you get to see a unique part of nature, that is not accessible to everyone.

Such beautymotivates many divers to get the most out of each dive. All over the world there are people who use their leisure time to learn to dive.

With IDD you are assured of the highest quality and training that adapts to you. For example, you can combine your training with a job and family very well, and receive one of the many recognized diving qualifications.

IDD education at all levels

With IDD you are assured of a thorough training of high quality. Experience the adventure to another world.

If you are diving with compressed air, you are transported to another world, discover unspoiled reefs and countless colorful fish, or explore mysterious shipwrecks.

Dive in the oasis of peace and tranquility! Be guided by the power of adventure! Diving courses are given every day, at a high professional level yet in a relaxed manner.

An IDD training consists of knowledge modules and skills modules. All teaching materials are carefully selected and are constantly adapted to the latest developments in diving. All books are printed in full color and with a high educational level. All further educations are connected to each other.